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Managed Services

Traditional on-premise IT is a thing of the past. If you are not an IT expert but your business depends on technology, our range of Managed Services solutions enable you to focus on what you excel at. We take care of the rest. Managed Services lowers costs, improves responsiveness and enables innovation. We effectively become an extension of your through our Virtual Online Desktop solution, you get all the benefits of managed desktops, without needing anything more than an internet connection. We have the most cost effective solutions for implementing and managing Virtual Desktop Interface (VDI) solutions

Office 365

The Cloud has changed everything in a very short space of time, If you need help making it all work, we can help getting you setup, migrating your old systems to the cloud and ensuring you and your users are supported.

We have years of experience in managing Office 365 implementations for a broad range of customers.

Hosting Services

If you have hosting requirements, we have the services your need to ensure stable, cost effective and scalable provision of your website, IT infrastructure or apps. In addition our own Dedicated Cloud Hosting data center, we partner with Microsoft Azure, Amazon AWS and Google Cloud to provide you with the right solution. 


Staying in contact with your customers and business is essential but traditional phone systems are expensive to maintain, limited in features and tie you to a physical location.

Our managed telephony solutions solve all that while giving you more ability to stay in touch.

IT sales, Support & Maintenance​

Ensuring your investment in IT continues to enable, not disable your business, is essential in the modern day. It is not exciting but it is critical to your success as a business. We have been providing Support & Maintenance services since 2001 under separate business.

If you need new equipment to replace old desktops, servers, printers or any specialist items, we can help. We have been reselling hardware and software alongside our services for almost 20 years. We provide transparent pricing, post-sales support and Support & Maintenance services to ensure your investment in IT is protected.

Fibre to the Home (FTTH) and Fibre to the Business (FTTB)

Need to get great internet connectivity quickly and hassle-free?

Partnering with the best wireless providers and Fibre in South Africa, Winfinity provides your business with the security, performance and reliability it needs to boost responsiveness, creativity and productivity. Whether you’re looking for a solution that can handle video conferencing, connect multiple devices, share large files or provide a seamless collaboration across the office; we have you covered. Winfinity Fibre is a high-speed, scalable data and voice solution that has the power to change your business. Whatever your business demands, you can look forward to high-performing, reliable internet connectivity that won’t let you down.

Surveillance Solutions​ & Access Control Solution

In today’s world, crime is always a concern. Winfinity’s Surveillance Solutions provide best-in-class surveillance hardware and monitoring solutions for total peace of mind. Our extensive range and options of surveillance solutions mean that no matter the size, existing infrastructure or budget, there is a perfect solution that’s right for your business.

Knowing who comes and goes on your property is a fundamental concern of every business owner. Winfinity Access Control Solutions offer you more reassurance with outstanding solutions ranging from simple identification cards and turnstile access, to high-end multi-authentication biometric solutions – allowing you to protect your premises, control access within your business, and monitor staff activity.

Office & Workspace Printers

Our extensive ranges of printers are scalable and adaptable to your business needs. Offering single- function or multi-function printers.

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IT can be complicated at the best of times. New terms pop up every day and it’s hard to keep track. If you have an issue with anything IT related but you don’t see it listed here, give us a call anyway.

If the service you require is not specifically listed on our site, connect with us and allow Team Winfinity help you achieve your goals.